Prescription Requests

You may have the option to obtain repeat prescriptions from your GP, or if we have met recently an alternative option is a private prescription.

I can write a prescription and post to your home address, or a nominated pharmacy. Faxed copies are sometime accepted by pharmacies though often they will need to see the original as well which can follow in the post.

Post and Collection Timings

A prescription can be prepared usually within 48 hours, and posted first class. Postal timings are variable so it is often best to allow about a week from the point of making a request.

To avoid postal uncertainties you may choose to collect the prescription from a clinic location, which can be selected below.


The fee for arranging and sending a private prescription is £20, which is to be paid before it is prepared.

The prescription can be taken to any pharmacy and the pharmacist then will charge the cost of the medication. This is not the flat fee charged for NHS prescriptions, but depends on the actual cost of the medication. Some are more expensive then NHS charges, though some (eg many antidepressants) are cheaper. Sometimes the cost varies from one pharmacy to another so it may be worth asking around.

Controlled Drugs

These types of medication used for conditions such as ADHD (eg Ritalin, Concerta, Elvanse, dexamfetamine etc) have special legal controls which mean they cannot be prescribed for more than a month at a time. Also, they cannot be posted to a home address so need to be posted to a nominated pharmacy or collected directly from a clinic location.

Making a payment

Bank transfer
Cheque payable to "Dr James Woolley Ltd" sent to Priory Hospital Roehampton, Priory Lane, London, SW15 5JJ
Credit and debit cards securely online via Paypal below (does not require a Paypal account)

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Delivery option
Drug name, dose & no. of weeks
Pharmacy address / fax number

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